broody guinea hen out of coop can I move the nest and her?


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7 Years
May 3, 2012
one of my guinea hens has went broody out of the coop and I'm afraid she is going to get eaten and i was wondering if you could move the eggs and her and put them inside the pen if she would still sit on them because the last thing i need to do is lose another guinea if anybody could help me it would be appreciated.
Due to their flighty nature, I was never able to successfully move a broody guinea hen. Do you have a broody chicken or incubator that you could put the eggs under/in? Chicken hens, in my experience, are actually better at raising keets than their 'real' mothers.
well im going to try it when it gets dark and hopefully she still sits on them but if she doesnt It wont bother to bad cause I have 12 of them. I don't have a broody chickens but i wish it was a chicken instead of a guinea cause I have less of them then I do guineas right now.
Sadly no shes mad too and has been carrying on all day I put them back but I guess i should have left her.

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