Broody has moved her eggs


11 Years
Jul 12, 2008
Northeast Ohio
I gave my broody silky hen 7 BCM eggs to sit on. I wasn't going to hatch any more this year because I thought it would be too late and cold, but she was so determined to hatch something, anything,that I gave in to her and ordered some BCM thinking ok here you go. I have had no luck trying to hatch these eggs and as a last ditch effort I figured maybe she could do it better than me so what the heck. They will be with mama to keep them warm and if I have to I will put a light on them to keep them warm. She is in a coop with a few other 5 wk old chicks another silky and a silky roo, plus 2 BLRW roos which I plan to dispose of before her eggs are due to hatch. Now she has moved her nest of eggs across the coop to another corner. Why would she do this? Seems like a lot of work for a little hen like her to roll each egg across the coop one by one. I hate to put her into a closed up pen inside the coop cause she seems ok on the floor and she has more space this way, but do you think she is worried about her eggs, is that why she moved them. She still sits on them .
OK I have thought carefully before posting because I don't want to be totally does a chicken move her eggs? Roll them?
It's kinda like the pecking order, they will do what they will do, and it's best to interfere as little as possible.
Bear with me during this incredible description: a hen will lean over the egg, tuck her beak underneath it from the far side, pull back and hold it against her breast like you would hold something under your chin. Then she sidles over to where she wants it. Sometimes she uses pushing, to roll eggs, sometimes she skootches along with an egg underneath her body. But to get it over a nesting box lip, she does the tuck & hold trick.
Could she see the door from her first site? That's usually the problem in feng shui, you have to be able to see the door! Or maybe she moved them to the health and family ba gua. Better Qi there, ya know!
Oh how I wish I could have been there when she done that. She's such a tiny silky. moving them eggs would have been quite a job.

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