Broody hatching chicks in Tractor?

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    I have four birds in a chicken tractor that has taken on semi permanant status (over built it and it is HEAVY). It is 32sqft and is covered with 1/3 being completely enclosed with a nesting box about two feet off the ground. It has a another 32sqfeet of run that I open up during the day.

    My RIR has gone broody and was thinking about letting her hatch some eggs. I think I can split the nesting box area so that the other birds have a place to continue laying. My questions are:

    How will the chicks get down from the box in three weeks? They seem pretty "rubbery" at that age. Do they just take the plunge?

    Can they stay in the tractor with the other three birds or do i have to move them out?

    Will the mom just pick a corner to nest in once the chicks are down on the ground?

    How do i slip the eggs under her and how many should I give her?

    She just went broody two days ago. How long do I have to get hold of some fert eggs?

    She was setting on some unfertile eggs and one had broken under her. She was eating it. what a mess. Does this mean she may become and egg eater?
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