Broody, Heat Stressed or Sick??

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by thailand, May 10, 2019.

  1. Hi...need urgent help please from experienced duck people.

    The Khaki Campbell duck in the videos has been breathing like this for a least 2 days.

    Others on a different forum have suggested she is just broody or stressed. I'm not convinced.

    Please help....I cannot take her to a vet. When I pick her up she majes a raspy noise. I think she seems thinner. She's moving around as normal, I've seen her nibble some food and drink some electrolytes, is preening, but none of the ducks seem to be swimming in their pool. I do have a sprinkler on for them. Tjehe temperatures here are around 40 degrees celsius every day. She has stopped laying.

    Does she need antibiotics?? If so, what specifically and what dosage?

    What would you do if she was yours?

    Here's a photo of her poop:

    Thanks so much :)
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  2. MasterOfClucker

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    Looks like she has a crop problem.How does her crop feel?Squishy , watery or Hard? How does her breath smell? I would separate her from the others.
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  3. chickens really

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    You can give her some watermelon in a bowl of cold water and see if it helps dislodge what's caught in her throat if that's the issue..Definitely heat can cause them to gasp or an egg laying issue can too.
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  4. Thanks...its night time here now. I'll check her crop tomorrow. Same place as a chicken's crop?

    What medication for crop issues is safe for ducks?
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    How is she today? Where you able to examine her yet and start antibiotics?
  6. casportpony

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    It's on the left, just like a chicken's crop and it looks like this when it's not packed full of food:
    duck crop_1.png

    Almost all medications are safe for ducks.

    Examine her crop and let us know if there is food or fluid in it.
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  7. Hi. I've examined her crop and it was empty...not squishy, not hard...flat. No bad breath from.sour crop. I can't feel any egg stuck either.

    All morning she seemed a little better. Still breathing with her bill open, and her whole body moving with each breath....but not anywhere near as bad as yesterday. Mostly she is only raspy when we pick her up to examine her. She's been staying with the other 2 ducks more today, billing for snails etc.

    This afternoon she is back to breathing hard again. So, I've just now taken her weight (2.5kg), and given her 0.5mls of Baytril. I'll keep a close eye on her and report back here tomorrow.
  8. Update: She's almost finished her 5 day course of Baytril. The good news is that she seems much better, she's eating more, following the other ducks around, and even quacked today :) I do wonder though if it's ok to keep her on Baytril for another few days...just to be sure she's truly kicked this thing? She's probably 85-90% better. Would love to hear your wisdom.please :) :)
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    That's great news!

    I think I would consider giving it a few more days, but keep in mind that doing so she might get a yeast infection. Can you get ketoconazole of fluconazole in case she gets a yeast infection?

    How about a new video?
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  10. Hi. I continued the Baytril for another 2-3 days. She now seems worse than ever! Her raspy sound is more pronounced. Just wondering if I should try penicillan injections and/or oral metacam liquid? She's still eating/drinking as far as I can tell. Mostly she is hanging with the other two ducks, but sometimes she is by herself. She is NOT swimming in her pond at all, unlike the other two. The temps here are soaring and humidity is also. Could she have pneumonia?
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