Broody help please.

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    Someone please tell me, if a broody leaves a nest of eggs and goes sits somewhere else, how long do the embryos inside stay alive?
    I have some of the weirdest cochin broodies. Good broodies, but they keep picking different places to nest. One will pick a place where the eggs I mark will get crushed because the broody picked a busy nestbox, one will sit in a good spot for a week but decide after eating to sit in a different nestbox, and sometimes they just stop entirely. I'm frustrated with this and the parents won't let me get an incubator. I have the money too. Ugh [​IMG]
    My only good broody is a andalusian cross we call Mama. She does everything very well, and when I move her when it gets to hatching week (or I worry about eggs being crushed) she stays in the doggie house. I'd love more chicks but I can't seem to a perfect broody.. Mama is still taking care of 8 week old chicks.
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    When you have a broody hen, you need to separate her from the others with her own area. XL dog crates work great for this. This will end the sort of problems you are having. Oh, and move her at night.
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    They're pretty tough, I know someone here posted that their broody flew over a fence and was locked out for 8+ hours and she still hatched babies.

    My hatch early this year (incubator hatch) went through 3 MAJOR power outages where the incubator wasn't even registering a temperature. I still got 24 babies.

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