Broody hen after Oldest hen passed of old age


Sep 11, 2016
Soquel, Ca
Hello Everyone :)
We have three hens left. Our oldest hen also the top of the pecking order) passed about a month ago of old age very peacefully.
One of my girls, Moonie started molting about a week after that and this week Little Red went broody for the first time in her life, she is three years old.
I have been bringing her out of the nest every day to eat and get some sunshine. She stays out for about half hour and then runs back to the nest. I am concerned because she has never gone broody. We also have a silkie, Nuggies that goes broody every other month and we just let her do the broody thing. She comes out of the nest on her own everyday to bathe eat and poop.
Little Red shows all the signs of being broody, puffed up feather, very sensitive to action around her and the same little whine/squeal that Nuggies gets when she is broody.
Could Little Red be broody because she misses Happy Feet?
When Nuggies isnt broody she seems to have taken the top of the pecking order, but when she is Broody, Little Red is the boss.
I dont know what to do. Should I get a baby chick for Little Red to raise? Or just let her go through the brooding month?

Thanks for anyones help and input :D

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