broody hen allowing access to chick?


Nov 4, 2017
My broody, Feather Face, is a first timer, as am I.
We're on day 15, and I'm anticipating a dozen or more chicks next week!!
She has been very nice as a broody, allowing me to pet her, candle eggs, remove eggs to mark them etc. She's never off the nest more than a couple minutes. She was at the top of the pecking order when she went into her nursery(its located inside the coop).

Question: how do I get to hold, touch, play with the chicks? Will she let me? will I need to distract her ? can i steal a few at a time to inspect, take a photo, etc?? I'd like the chicks to grow up very friendly.

Any tips or advice?
you can take them from her, though you should probably wait a couple of days to handle them. one of my broody silkies raised a few chicks, and we were able to pick them up just fine, though it depends on the breed of hen going broody. Some are meaner than others when broody.

Hope this was helpful:),
Silkie Mamma
The chicks may be scared of you, so try picking up mama as well so they are less afraid, and see you won't hurt their mama or them. But wait a 2-3 days after hatching so they can adjust and...get used to being alive!

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