Broody hen already!

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    [​IMG] I was hoping that I'd get a broody hen to raise a clutch of chicks. But I sure wasn't expecting one already! Is it normal for a hen to go broody during the winter? My dark cornish pullet just started laying in the middle of November and now all signs are pointing to broody.

    My concern is that it's too cold to for chicks right now. We can get below zero. Our coop is insulated and pretty draft tight, but not heated. The water will freeze in there. I also like to open it up during the day to let them all free range.

    I am using artificle light for 14 hour day lengths. Can a hen keep chicks warm enough during winter? Will I need artificle heat for them?
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    My first year pullet went broody. Startedlaying in Aug and on nov 26 went broody. 2 hatched and are alive and well she is still on the other 8 or so. It got pretty cold a few nights(10 or so) and some still hatched. So yes but my experience is hatch rate will not be great.

    Mine kicked a few eggs out during the process. I cracked all those rejects to see what was inside. 5 out of 6 were fertile. Once odd thing was that some were at verying stages of development. So, one had a recognizable chick(fully formed, while another was only partially formed.

    So after 24 days I pulled an egg from her and cracked it. Much to my dismay, the chick was moving and still alive but appeared to need another week(after 24 days!!). I felt really ba.

    So anyway i am letting her continue to sit on the remaining eggs. the two that hatched are now in the house w/ heat lamp and seem to be pretty happy chicks...
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    Don't you hate that when they have to practice first?????

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