Broody Hen and babys


10 Years
Aug 21, 2009
We finally found our broody hen. Normally our free range chickens gather up at dusk and we lock them up until morning. About 2 weeks ago we found one of our hens didn't show up. living in the very rural country of Oregon we just assumed the worst.

Well, we found her, well hidden, sitting on a nest of about 8 or 9 eggs. Since we have no roosters we know her attempt to have babys is futile.

So my question is; can we switch the eggs with baby hatchlings from the Farm Store? Will she adopt them?

We haven't purchased any hatchlings yet but we were planning on adding to our flock in time. If she will adopt them it would make things a lot simpler, but we won't even attempt this until we hear that its been done by others.

I think you can, I know there's several people here that have done that. I'd probably move her to a safe place and let her sit on the unfertile eggs for another week. Then at night, remove the eggs and add the chicks. But I'd watch her really closely to make sure she accepts them.

ETA: make sure they are day old chicks.
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If she has been setting for a couple of weeks she will take them. Only put them under her at night, they take them alot better that way!! A broody is always best !!
I have done this many times, especially if I have a large hatchery order I will place some under a few broodies; natures natural brooder of course.
Thanks for the help from both of you. I have ordered 12 buffs to show up in a week. In the meantime I will re-nest her tonight with her eggs.

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