Broody hen and eggs

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    Apr 24, 2015
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    We just started raising chickens and a couple of ducks this last spring. It has been a learning process and very fulfilling . In October we realized that our Bantam hens had been hiding eggs. We thought because they were young they were only giving us one egg a day, between the three. we placed the eggs in a nest and one hen sat on them. Week before Halloween they started to hatch, out of 12 eggs, we had 2 chicks. we waited another week and decided the others were probably not going to hatch. we had to mark the eggs, because the other hens would add an egg to the nest. once they hatched no eggs from any hens. The first snow caught us off guard and the chicks at 3 weeks, came out of the coop, one was ok and one dead, not sure if from the cold or the other chickens or ducks.This was probably not the best time for chicks, but the one is holding its own. The young chick is now roosting with the other hens and roosters, so now we wonder when the hens will start to lay again? We have not figured out if this is common, no hens laying,( Bantams) while one is brooding. the other hens rhode island red, have not been bothered If anyone can give me a heads up I would appreciate it. [​IMG]
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    We've just started breeding too, but got an incubator on eBay. I date the fertile eggs putting them in. We put 9 eggs at a time within 2 days of laying so they all hatch within 24 hrs. Have had a 90% hatch rate. It cost $75 Aussie dollars. 1 of our bantams has just gone clucky, so we've put a fertile red hen egg under her to see what happens. Just candled my next 9 last night and all eggs live and moving.
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    Sorry, they still take 3 weeks to hatch but all come out around the same time. We have had to hand hatch a lot of them cos the shells are too hard for them to break through. But look into that before trying.
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    your hens are a bit young for molting, so the most likely cause of the stoppage in laying would be the length of daylight, it's very common this time of year for hens to stop laying as the days get shorter (some continue to lay regardless). there are many other factors that can cause laying to stop so without knowing the exact situation the length of day is just a best guess.

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