Broody hen and mean rooster

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    May 28, 2009
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    Okay, two questions in one. We have had a broody for about a week and are thinking about getting two polish chicks for her. Our coop does not have a brooder but we want to keep them in the coop from the start. How long can they stay in the nesting box or will they fall out (18" off the ground") also, if anyone have pictures of where they keep them could you post them?

    I went out this morning and picked up the broody hen so she could get some food and water, the rooster came up and jumped at her while she was in my hands. I put her on a roost and turned around and now hes coming at me. He got me once in the leg with his beak, so I turned around and went closer to the door. He then came after me a second time, and I pushed/threw his across the coop (12 ft). He just stood there for a minute and so I went and walked straight up to him, he looked at me and walked out the pop door into the run. After that he did not come back in until I left the coop. This is the first time he ever showed any sign of aggression and I think it was because I was holding the broody in the first place. Do you think he will do this again the next time I walk in there?
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    Not sure about the broody advice, but with the rooster, this could definitely happen again, so just keep an eye out.......

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