broody hen and putting live chicks under her


9 Years
Apr 6, 2012
Taylorsville Utah
I have a really broody hen. I don;t have a rooster but was thinking of buying some day olds and putting them under her. Has anyone done that? It is so hot I was thinking that this might satisfy her. Also that way I can get some new blood here
from my experience hens don't normal take to new if she already has some chicks she just hatched, you can put some new chicks under her at night and she will accept them.
no she will have to hatch whatever eggs she has already been sitting on...they run on an internal clock, she must be sitting on eggs for approximately 21 days....lets say she hatches 8 chicks, well that evening you could put a few more chicks under her and she will take to them.
but if she is a peaceful loving hen...she may just take care of any chicks. Tho i've seen the opposite happen where a hen may attack newly added chicks in the coup. safest bet is to let a hen hatch her own eggs and just add some at night: if thats your case.
So if I put the chicks under her at night and pull the egg she is sitting on won't she think she hatched them?
Most hens will accept adopted chicks using the system you are considering. The longer she has been setting the greater the chance of success.

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