Broody Hen behavior typical?

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    Sep 6, 2010
    My flock of 7 RI Reds and Plymouth Rock hens is 15 months old and has been laying steady for 9 months. One of the RI Reds has been broody the past couple weeks, sitting almost all day on whatever eggs are laid that day in her nest. She doesn't fuss if I push her aside to collect eggs daily though. The only bad thing I guess is eggs being kept warm that I want to store and eat, and an occasional broken egg. How long will this behavior continue? should I try to stop it if I don't want to hatch eggs now in the fall?

    I'm in Maine and days are getting shorter and cooler; better to have chicks in spring? Will other hens be broody then?

    I have a rooster in a 5 month old seperate flock if I want to have fertile eggs. Would he be mature enough now? He just started crowing and climbing on the other hens.

    Just trying to figure out my options now; thanks!
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    I have 2 broody hens at the moment ... they've hatched out chicks in winter before. [​IMG]
    I've had one broody for as long as a month 2/1 - [​IMG]
    If you do not want chicks then you can take the eggs away from her and put her in a wire bottom cage.
    It depends ... just because 1 hen went broody that doesn't really mean the other hens will go broody as well. [​IMG]
    Your rooster should be old enough.

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