broody hen can she eat the chick food?


Poultry Snuggie
11 Years
Mar 16, 2009
onchiota NY
ok her eggs are due today tomorrow??? This is really the only thing Im worried about-I give her laying pellets and fruits and veggies-I need to put chick starter for the chicks in the pen -will she eat that and not touch her food? whats the norm? Never had a broody let alone chicks born without incubating them myself? and I have 5 chicks that hatched today in my bator-can I sneak them under her at night when hers hatch out-will she know the difference? she is on 14 eggs already? help :)
yes she can , she isnt laying , so the lower calcium isnt a concern. If you want put some oyster shells in a dish in the pen.
They will be too little to reach where I will hook it up-at least for a few weeks-how do you keep them out of it when they bigger? seperate them some how IDK???

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