Broody hen + clutch of eggs + time = ???

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    Oct 27, 2010
    I'm got a broody hen that is sitting on her eggs for 24 days. Eggs look good, smell good and Mama has been quite attentive. How long do I let her sit? Does it sometimes take longer than 21 days?
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    At this point I would candle the eggs. Unless your certain of the begin date of incubation, I would wait a day or two. Are you certain of fertility?

    Oh one more thing if you don't mind. It's always good to know where your from. Thanks

    Rancher Hicks
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    They should of hatched on day 21. But sometimes they do go over the time, Are you counting the days wrong.? [​IMG]

    No pips or anything on day 21? huh I would see if 24 days if for sure correct, and if it is maybe try the water in glass trick ( take a warm glass of water, And put the egg in there, and within a min or less the egg should start rocking back and forth. If no movement, Its most likey dead. " *dont use hot water****

    hope this helps

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