Broody Hen Died

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    Mar 10, 2013
    We had 2 hens, Lucy and Eloise. We had them a year and they seemed great but were not keeping up with the egg demand of my family. So we purchased 5 more, 3 layers and 2 pullets. We put them in the same pen but separated. after a week we took down the separator. they were fine aside from a few squabbles. and made it a total of 25 days. 2 weeks ago Lucy became broody and for about 1 week I would pick her up and put her out of the nest and on the bottom where she could eat and drink with the others. I did that this morning and this afternoon checked for eggs. she was dead back near the nest. Any ideas? what caused it? and will it affect the others?
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    Sep 30, 2013
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    You don't have a Roo? Did you check her over for being egg bound when she was acting broody? Was her poo normal?

    When one of mine was just sitting in the nest for a day, I checked her over and she was egg bound. Gave her tums for the calcium and a warm water soak with massage. She expelled the egg out in the bath, besides a lot of poo that got built up. So got a second bath. This was before I got a Roo too. I keep an eye on her now. She gets in does her thing hops out. Unlike 2 of her look alike sisters who run back and forth barely get in in time to drop the egg.
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    I don't know what killed your hen but something to always consider when bringing in new birds is the threat of coccidiosis. New birds can bring along strains of cocci that are new to the existing birds and that they have not had a chance to develop immunity too. I would watch the others closely for any signs of being lethargic and treat with Corid accordingly.

    It would also be a good idea to check them all very carefully for mites/lice and probably deworm them all to unless they are already on a regular program.

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