Broody Hen - Dog Altercation


Crossing the Road
13 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
I have two broody hens with chicks around the house. This morning I was in a hurry to feed dogs and put a little feed out for chicks to keep them from ranging into woods. Female dog (Honey) trotted too close to a hen with brood so hen attacked / flogged dog three times in less than 5 seconds. First time dog tried to get out of way, second time dog snatched attacking hen out of the air and pulled most of her tail feathers, some of her back feathers, and some of her wing feathers then released when I yelled. Then crazy hen attacked again, but I was able to direct dog away. If fox or Coyote, then would have lost hen unless predator a novice. Everyone needs to calm down.

Some of my dogs know how to turn away, or simply hold the attacking chicken down. Honey takes it personal. Kids observed a similar altercation between Honey and hens sister about a month ago. Always there is excitement where dogs wanting to be close to people.

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