Broody hen eating eggs! Graphic pix

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    My broody hen started eating this egg. I caught her red handed with eggshell on her beak. It's the only one she's laying on right now - or was for that matter. Why would she dothat? Any suggestions other than soup??? I've got 4 that are broody right now - three share the same box and the other is by herself (she's the one that ate this one). I started out with one broody one had 6eggs then the other three hens just fell in place. I let those have 3 eggs each. I am now down to 2 eggs in the box of the three hens and had this last on in with the one hen. It didn't bother me at first when the eggs started disappearing but now that they are almost ready to hatch it frustrates me.



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    I'd like to know too.

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    i would not let her in with the other broodies. Once they have that bad habbit, they don't stop!

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