Broody hen eating eggs


11 Years
Apr 28, 2008
SW of Greenwood, INDIANA
I have three broody hens sitting on eggs of questionable fertility for several reasons having to do with a rooster's being sick and other complications. I know for certain that one of the hens is eating her eggs; there only half as many as what she started with. Is it possible she knows they were not going to hatch and just wanted to remove them permanently. One of the other two hens pushed some of her eggs out for me to remove. BTW, these are eggs that I did not toss for two weeks during/after the weeks of my hens' being treated to prevent lung infection.
I don't know whether to place her remaining eggs under the other two hens or wait the remaining ten days to see how it goes.
Do you think she will continue eating her eggs once she is no longer broody.
Hey Joe-My hen started eating some of her eggs because she was acidently breaking them-they were silkie eggs and I started with 9 and got down to 4! They must have had fragile shells-she was a fat cochin LF...I would take those remaining eggs out and put under the other broodies-or the one who has the closest hatch date to the egg eater... sorry about your loss of eggs/chicks:-(
Thanks, I'll put them back under the broody that's in the nest next to her; that's where they came from in the first place. She went broody after the hen next to her did. The first one had 20 eggs (if I remember right) at first. I have three wooden eggs that I'll put under her; let's see her eat those.
I have even had ducks do this.They will peck the egg and stick their bill into the egg, carry it away from the nest, shake it to break it apart and eat some of it.To get rid of the evidence.
I have a silkie setting that has been rolling the eggs out of the nest ,across the hen house and to the door.which she cant get out.Trying to get rid of her bad eggs.
IMO if they are eating their eggs its due to not enough protein.It takes protein to make protein and if they are lacking they will find it somehow to replace what their bodies need.Even If its eating their own eggs.
Have you ever watched a chicken pull another chickens feathers and then eat them? Up the protein and see if it doesnt stop.

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