Broody Hen/Egg ? Help!!


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Jun 13, 2009
East Arkansas
I had a little d'uccle hen go broody over a week ago. She has been setting on 4 eggs for the last week. When I went to the barn a minute ago she had gotten off the nest today and apparently gotten back in the wrong nest box. She was sitting on 3 eggs that were layed today in a different box and the 4 she's been on for the past week were cold. I put her back on the original 4 and she went right back to setting on them. Do I need to toss those 4 and give her some different ones since those felt cold or could they still hatch?? I've got plenty more fertile eggs but I just hate for her to start all over again.


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Sep 9, 2009
Olympia, WA
I'd leave her on them for tonight and then candle tomorrow and see what they look like. You might want to change out your set-up a bit so that can't happen again though. Good luck.

rancher hicks

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Feb 28, 2009
Syracuse, NY
No but I would move her to a private area or coop. I have a special pen just for this reason and she can get up and move around. The others don't have access. If you leave her where she is the other hens will add to her deposit which is why she got in the wrong nest. She came back and got in the only vacant nest or any nest.

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