Broody hen getting attacked by rooster


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Apr 18, 2010
I have a hen who has just started with broody behavior. She is not fully committed yet, as she will not stay in her favorite nest box that I left eggs in. My rooster started brutally attacking her. He is not trying to mate. He is trying to kill her. This has been going on for 5 days now. I have separated them so he can't hurt her anymore. This group has been together for over a year now with no problems. My hens are not picking on her, just the rooster. He is otherwise a very good rooster. I don't want to get rid of either of them, but I don't know what to do. I don't know if she is just too nervous to sit or if she is just taking her time. I really want my daughter to experience having baby chicks. I am willing to keep them separate for as long as I need to but would prefer to know what is causing this and if I can correct it. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen?
My roosters did that too. I just kept them separated and then let him out with her occasionally but the problem still persisted. I hope things get better
That rooster would seperated real quick on this farm. If he acts that way towards a broody hen, you have to wonder how he'll react towards chicks.
Wow, I've had several broodies in with roos and have not seen this. Something else to watch for, I guess.

I agree, he wouldn't last long here. (You're supposed to help raise the chicks, jerk, not kill the mama!!!)
seperated to freezer camp!!!

It is very strange. He is not aggressive to us at all. He even lets my 5 year old daughter pick him up. He is serious about getting to her though. He will pace the perimeter of the run she is in when he is out trying to get at her. Only taking a break to mate hith my other hens and to call them over for any treats he finds. I am still unsure if it is her broody behavior setting him off or if maybe she has something wrong with her that we don't know about. She seems very healthy other than being battered by him before we noticed it.
I agree if he is mean to Mama he is going to hurt the babies
I had a roo do the same thing I thought oh he is just freaking over her being broody. I let the Mama hatch her babies and let them mingle with HIM and he pecked them so bad one didnt make it. I would not let him around mama or babies at all if i were you. Or like the others are saying Sorry its hard when he is a good Roo for the most part Good Luck
I am normally not opposed to having chicken & dumplings for dinner, but I hate to go through the process of finding a rooster who is not aggressive with our daughter (Plus I really like Levi). I don't want to end up with one worse than I currently have. I have heard so many horror stories about aggressive roosters. We don't have many chickens and don't normally raise chicks. They are essentially just pets with the added benefit of eggs.

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