Broody hen gone WILD!

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    My Bantam Black Cochin went broody about 4 weeks ago. I bought her some fertile eggs to sit on, and she sat on them for about 5 days, and then she just. gave. up! Now, I have 7 eggs that were fertile, and I'm not sure if they're still good.

    I have an incubator, so I stuck them in there. Anyone know if this is a lost cause?

    I think what happened, is that we had a bunch of chickens killed this weekend by our dog, and only 2 chickens made it, the broody one, and a sexlink. I had the broody hen separated in a dog kennel in the coop, which is why the dog couldn't get to her, but I'm sure it was stressful for her just the same.

    Any advice would be helpful!


    PS I also started a blog. If anyone's intersted, you can check it out at:
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    Im not sure but if they are still alive it will delay the hatch so they might hatch a day or two later than usual. And i try not to leave a broody anymore than 2 weeks without getting eggs if im going to hatch. Good luck!
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    Keep in touch let us know how they do!

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