broody hen hatched still sitting


11 Years
Oct 4, 2008
my barred rock disappeared four weeks ago. she popped up last week with six fuzzybutts. i looked behind the fence and saw that there is still a whole pile of eggs back there. she ran back there to sit on them. was she protecting them because she is still hatching them? haven't had any new babies since a week ago. i have two other hens that have to have been adding to the pile. should i let her keep sitting or is she sitting on a pile of eggs that are bad?
You should just candle them and see.

If you have a bator you could put them in that so the poor hen can get on with life.
I agree. Take that pile away and get mom and chicks together someplace safe. If the other hens are dropping eggs in there they'd all be hatching on different days and you'd probably lose most of them that way. I'd check them and put the good ones in an incubator - and be ready for a staggered hatch.

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