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Jun 15, 2016
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Hello! I wanted to share my experience and hopefully hear some other stories on broody hatching.

So I recently had one of my leghorn hens go broody. Hubby said I should let her try out hatching eggs after a week of her steady sitting. I set up a dog crate nicely for her, put 9 eggs in and then left her to sit on them. 20 days later they began hatching! She has done a fantastic job. Only one egg didn't hatch and it ended up being empty. Now, that should leave me with 8 chicks. My hen was completely seperate, no other chickens had access to her and she could not leave the brooding area. She hadn't been laying for days before we set her up. Somehow I have 9 chicks! We candled the eggs at 14 days and I didn't see any extra eggs underneath her.

Can a broody hen succesfully hatch twin chicks? I can't think of another explanation. The experience has been amazing, she is such a good mama to them and they are all so strpng and healthy. Are all broody hatches this successful?

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Dec 17, 2016
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That is possible....Rare...But possible.
Also, good job! I have had 1 baby hatch from a broody...
The chick's foot was pecked by another hen, but she survived!

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