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Nov 8, 2010
Precious my broody game hen has been setting for 20 days. This morning we heard peeping and were very excited. Now nothing. I do not hear or see anything. I cannot move Precious because it is very cold and she is very mean. What do I do?
The only thing you can do is wait!

It takes the little ones quite some time to get out of those shells and they stop for a rest frequently.

Trust mamma hen to know what's best. She will bring the babies out when she is ready,,,,or just stop sitting and give up.
Fingers crossed for lots of pretty babies!
But do be sure and keep us posted, let us know how it goes. And we are a picture-loving group here, so if you can, post pics of the babies & momma hen when available. They're just too cute to pass up!

Good luck for a 100% hatch!
I have the camera ready and my DDs and I are about to go crazy! I just wish I still heard peeping. There is an egg shell near mom. Does no peeping mean a dead chick? Oh my goodness at least you can see into the incubator.

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haha, that hen is giving you some serious stink-eye in that picture!

"What are YOU looking at! Can't you see I'm busy here!?!"
Just got the DDS to help me. I lifted her up and there are two, beautiful, fluffy chicks. Couldn't get a picture Precious went bazerk. Still several eggs to hatch, but we will just wait. Now we know they are cuddled up to mom staying warm. It is about 36 degrees here this morning. yippee!!!!!!

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Precious was happy with two and pushed all the others out form under her. The DDS and I grabbed them out and put them in the incubator. You never know we might get a couple more. The two we have are cuties. They are butter yellow with stripes down their backs. They are the healthiest little chicks we have ever had. Thanks for all the encouragement everybody. It is nice to know I am not alone in this chicken obsession.

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