Broody hen having trouble walking after hatching chicks..

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Feb 17, 2010
Last night our broody hatched a couple chicks. We had to move her to a box for the night, we are going to move her outside to her own space today. She had made her nest on a shelf in the garage (crazy chickens!) and I was afraid the chicks were going to try and wander in the night and fall off the shelf, so that is why we moved them to a box. Anyway, when I moved her to the box, she didn't really walk at first, and then kind of army crawled over to sit on her chicks and other eggs. She sat pretty solid on her nest, I never actually saw her get up at anytime. DH had put some food next to her, and I assume she got up for water.

Has anyone else noticed their hens walking stiff after sitting? I know my legs do..I'm guessing once she starts moving around more she will become mobile again.

I think she's fine. For the first few days my broody would keep herself low to the ground. I didn't notice what you're describing, but I did notice she would lay down to eat. This way when the chicks wanted under her, she'd lift up a little and they'd disappear.
Agree with Happy Chooks. All those weeks of setting mess up their legs, and it takes them a while to get their strength and muscle tone back.
One problem my broody had was long toenails. If they are really bad, you can trim them. Otherwise they will wear down when she starts walking and scratching again. My broody was also susceptible to scaly leg mites. You can check for that and oil her legs if needed.

I can't even imagine how funny I would walk if I had to sit for 23/7 for 3 weeks.
Hi flakey chick - someone else mentioned to me about oiling my girls legs to kill/prevent mites - what kind of oil are you using? Mineral? Vegetable? Olive? clue....
Your hen will probably be fine after a day or too but may need a bit of added calcium and protein in her feed.

I always use petroleum jelly on the legs as it sticks on much better than oils.

I used baby oil, but any kind will do (if it's non-toxic). Some people use WD40, but I WOULDN'T. Many people use vaseline. You want to smother the mites so they won't be able to breathe.

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