Broody hen??? I need advice!

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    I really believe I have 2 broody hens. It started about 2-3 weeks ago. These 2 hens, a Plymouth barred rock and buff Orpington started staying in the nesting boxes day and night. At first I thought they were just warmer there, but even during free range time and treats, they stay put. The B.O. Growls at me when I get eggs from under her and the P.R. Pecks at me viciously. HOWEVER, the last 2 days I have actually seen the P.R. Lay an egg. She stood up and out it dropped. I thought that broody hens stopped laying. So I am confused. Is it because we keep removing the eggs that keeps her laying? My other question...will my hens stop being broody soon and if not is it safe to keep doing what we are doing? We don't want chicks till spring. I need some advice on how to handle these broody girls. I don't mind getting growled at and pecked, but I don't want to compromise their health if in fact they continue being broody. Thanks in advance!
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    When a hen is truly broody they do stop laying, so it could be she's not fully committed yet. If you don't want chicks, the best thing for them and you is to break them of being broody. Being broody is really hard on them so if you don't want to let them hatch then you should try to break them. Some are easy to break and can be broken just by tossing them out of the nest several times a day. Some really determined ones need to be broken by putting them in a wire bottomed cage for a few days or a week or so that is elevated off the ground so air flows underneath them.
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