Broody Hen, I think

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    Apr 25, 2010
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    So, I'm thinking that my BR hen, Pepper, just might have gone broody on me today. I went down to my coop this morning around 10am and found her sitting on her nest. Don't know how long she has been there, but she is all puffed up and being a she-devil to everyone and everything that comes near her. She hasn't moved since then and it is now 1:30. I am keeping my fingers crossed because she will be my first ever broody! [​IMG] [​IMG] She is sitting on 1 black tailed white Japanese bantam egg and 9 or 10 of her own which are EE x BR. I have three questions to ask about this however. 1. How long should she be on the nest before I can really "confirm" that she is broody 2. When do I start counting the 21 days? and 3. Could I possibly be able to slip a couple more bantam eggs under her? Thank you in advance! I am so excited! [​IMG]

    Mom-to-Be hopefully, Ms Pepper and dad of the eggs, Pretty Boy. I will get a picture of her in the nest in a little bit.
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    If she spend the night in the nest it is a good possibility that she is broody.
    I have a hen with 15 bantam and 4 turken eggs under her, anything is possible.
    And you count 21 days from the time you put fertile eggs under her.

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