broody hen. Im so conflicted!


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we've been trying to break the broodiness of our 8 month old BPR. I've tried the broody cage, cold baths, ice packs in the nest box, locking her out of the coop / hen house. Now I just feel bad. It seems I am really going against her nature. We only have 4 hens and we are down to 1 egg a day now. ever since the one girl went broody nobody else wants to lay, is this typical? This hen is particularly nasty, even before she displayed signs of broodiness. She continually picks on one of her flockmates to point where I have had to intervene.
I found a local woman that has eggs she wants to hatch out. Should I left my hen go? I feel so attached to her since these are my first chickens, but in reality I'm not sure I even like her that much. she is so nasty! And now that she isn't laying and is discouraging the others from laying, I'm actually considering letting her go to another home. I feel so guilty! I would hate to give her up only to have the others still not lay. So, I guess I am wondering if one hen's broodiness could be the reason the others aren't laying. Also, if she does snap out of it, is she likely to go broody again soon? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!
I sold one of my beautiful Wheaten Ameraucanas this past weekend because it was her third time being broody since JUNE!

I like to hatch and brood my own as the chicks raised by the broodies are not as friendly as the hand raised chicks. It's a lot of work but I like hens that will jump in my lap.
She will likely go broody again, if you do not allow her to raise some chicks. One of my EE hens tried twice when I didn't have a roo, and now that I do have one she has been laying ever since. Go figure!
If you really do not like her maybe you could offer her to the person who wants to hatch out some eggs, or possible trade her for some young pullets to replace her with some nicer chickens. I wouldn't feel guilty some chickens just do not have good personalities.
I doubt that the broodiness of one hen is what is affecting the laying of your other hens. It's more likely the shortening daylight hours.

If you don't like this particular chicken, by all means let her go to another home. When we had to part with our beloved rooster this spring, we picked one of our hens to rehome with him (because it's easier to rehome a rooster as one of a pair). We picked Martha because she had a vindictive streak. Since Martha's departure, the flock has been so much more peaceful.
I have a lot of broody hens, and they are very determined, just like yours is. I break them of broodiness, and they are broody again in about a month. So, yeah, it tends to be an ongoing thing. It has never affected the laying of my other hens, so I agree with elmo that you are probably just seeing a normal drop in egg production due to the season and hours of sunlight lessening.

If you don't particularly like your broody hen, you should absolutely sell her to someone who will use her for a momma, and value her for her good traits. Trust me when I say that a broody hen isn't a productive egglayer. That's just not her thang! It will probably be a relief to you when she is gone. No more picking on the one hen, no more constant breaking of broodiness, or being unable to break the broodiness, as the case may be. I have sold broody hens before, for sort of the same thing, being overly aggressive, etc. And the simple fact that I am overrun with broodies. I have never been sorry to see them go, and I know that they were treasured in their new homes. People who don't have a broody hen and want one are generally thrilled to get one.

Oh, and I should tell you that it's possible that moving her to a new home will break her broody spell. Not forever, but for now. So maybe discuss that with the buyer, should you choose to go that route. We'd hate for the lady to be surprised and disappointed.
UPDATE: I tried to place this broody on the roost at night and she freaked out and started attacking the other girls! I was so mad at her that I locked her out of the hen house. she was very upset and gave me the dickens! Our run is very secure and has a roosting pole in it. I kept picking her up and placing her on the roost in the run. Eventually it got very dark and she gave up and submitted to roosting. I went out late at night and she was still up on the roost, same thing when I woke up in the morning. She spent the next day free ranging with the others and marched right into the hen house and roosted at night! She hasn't been back on the nest since. I am not sure if she is laying or not, we are getting very few eggs with the shortened daylight hours.
I am so glad that we didn't get rid of her. Her mood has certainly improved! I will keep an eye on her, if she goes broody again soon I will consider re-homing her. Let's hope it doesn't come to that!
Idk I have my broody and she is fine with me getting the infertile eggs out from under her. But she has become aggressive outside of nest now so I don't think it was a good thing to let her sit the eggs, I don't want nasty chicks if she were nasty before I wouldn't have. She might end up as soup if her attitude doesn't change

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