Broody hen in an elevated coop. Can the chicks survive a 3 foot fall?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by PBlanck, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Oct 8, 2012
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    My chickens usually go broody around March 15th. I moved since last year and the coop I built at the new house has an elevated inside structure where the chickens lay eggs and stay when the weather is too cold. The ramp up and down is about 12 inches wide and very steep. My concern is that the new born chicks might fall down the ramp or fall off the ramp. At it's highest point the ramp is 3 feet off the ground?

    Does anybody know if a newborn chick can survive such a fall? Are they smart enough to stay on the ramp?

    I considered just boarding up the hole leaving some chickens inside and some out, but the new mom generally likes to take the baby chicks out for walks and to show them off.

    Does anybody have any experience with this?
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    Oct 26, 2015
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    i recently had a Cochin bantam who insisted on sitting in a high nest box, i tried move her on the 18th night but she moved off the nest the next morning and wouldn't get back on, so i put her back in her old box where she was happy to sit on them again, I let her hatch out in it and then moved her and babies before she lead them off the nest, she had no problem with the move then.
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    Your set up looks similar to mine. I've just shut broody and chicks in the sleeping area for now. It would be good to know when they will be big enough to manage the ramp.

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