Broody hen in October, duck/chicken eggs, and vacation disaster!!

Oct 17, 2018
I have this one buff orpington hen, named Hope, who also is my favorite. Now, we just got back from a trip, and found her broody in October. She's sitting on 7 eggs, 5 chicken eggs and two duck eggs. We have no idea how long she's been sitting on them, so there could already be living ducks/chicks in them.
But ducks stay in for 28 days, not 21. Won't they freeze once the chicks hatch and she gets up?
And this is October in New England. Hope has gone broody three times before (never actually hatching anything--my dog ate the eggs). All of the times, I've litarelly had to nurse her back to health since she wouldn't eat at ALL. Now, she needs even more food for the cold!
AND to make matters worse, we're leaving again in three weeks! In November, so no one care for her/them!
What should I do??


Crossing the Road
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Mar 18, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Do you know about egg candling? You could check and see if the eggs are developing or not.

I was going to recommend an incubator, but you'll be on vacation. Hopefully the eggs haven't developed!

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