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5 Years
May 4, 2015
Hi there,
One of my 3 hens has been broody for 5-6 weeks, and we are at wit's end. We have a small yard, and could have at most 1 or 2 more small hens-- no roosters because of city ordinances. (Baltimore, MD)

We'd love to get our broody girl back to her old, friendly self, but hatching eggs come in higher quantities than we would keep if they all live. If we buy hatching eggs, and wind up with 5 roosters, I don't know how I'd find other homes for them-- the ethics of which is troubling, to say the least -- these are pet chickens, after all...

What is the usual procedure for urban chicken owners dealing with endlessly broody hens? We have tried removing her eggs and made her nest inaccessible during the day, but nothing has helped. We are ready to try raising chicks for a few weeks, but not sure about adopting out unwanted extra chicks when the time comes.

Thanks for your help,

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