Broody Hen in Winter (UK)


7 Years
Mar 31, 2014
Hello BYC.

It turns out I've got a broody hen but it's brink of winter here. Temps here are starting to drop to 41 Fahrenheit overnight but will drop to 27f sometimes.

I know the USA gets colder climates than this but I'm wondering if I'll be okay setting off a broody hen this time of year or if I should just break her broody habit.

Thanks a lot :D


Crossing the Road
5 Years
Apr 9, 2016
California's Redwood Coast
Hi there. :frow

Which ever works for YOU will be fine!

Many people prefer "winter" hatching so their gals are ready to lay earlier in spring instead of later summer. For me that is also when my pasture is lush. Those are VERY mild temps that you state..

If you have room and want more chicks, then go for it. But a broody will likely go broody again in the future. So if you aren't feeling it... plan ahead for next time and break her now.

If the "hen" is under one year old... I WON'T let them sit regardless of season as their bodies and minds are still maturing. They just aren't AS well equipped as they will be once fully mature. Even though they are plenty successful... I aim to give all my birds the best start in life and that includes no letting babies have babies (or NO teen moms). :)

Good luck which ever you choose. :thumbsup

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