Broody hen is scary

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    my last one was an americana who was supper sweet even while broody. one of the twin buffs just went broody and she hell on wheels. She wants to bite and claw your eyes out, i havent decide what to do yet. I have chicks in the brooder but they are to old for one and she cant have any eggs (no rooster). i have no room for anymore chicks so yeah that is out. I also dont have a place to debrood her gently and i really dont want to handle that girl. she mean when she just laying but broody [​IMG] hid me!!! Lol its between her and the big red that are the meanist when they lay or get broody. I had to pick her up and move her to get the eggs from under her earlier that was no fun. i am not looking forward to doing that until she decides she done. How bad is just lightly wetting her tummy not with ice water but luke warm water
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    This is a good broody hens.Willing to give her life for her chicks.Yes do the water dippibg for about 30 seconds.
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    A broody buster cage is a good choice. If the bird bothers you then wear gloves and long sleeve. Not that I think she'd so any damage to you but will give you protection for confidence to grab her and move her to the cage. The longer she broods the harder it is to break them. The longer they brood the longer it is for them to come back into lay. If you catch it first day you can get them back to laying in few days. If you catch it and correct in first week it's more like two weeks to come back in lay and even longer there after. Don't let a bird brood if there are no eggs or chicks to give her. It takes a lot out of the bird and she'll usually brood longer than if she hatched a few eggs before breaking. I had a bird brood for 7 weeks. Not good at all. Couldn't break her of it so finally gave in and put 5 eggs under her after 4 weeks of trying.

    The gig with a cage is no bedding, if a true cage and wire bottom then get it off the ground some for air circulation under her. Have some food and water in with her and don't let her out until she's not acting broody anymore for a good two days. You don't want to have to keep doing it so it takes a day or two to break then two days after to be sure. Four days total is good practice. Early in brood and not so die hard birds are broken in just 2 days but I don't even chance it not working anymore and go the 4 day distance. Have used dog carriers with success too. They don't have wire bottom but with no bedding and out in run for cooler night temps and four days it works.

    You'll only have to grab the bird once. She's not let out until broken. If you use water it can take multiple dunks and if not cold water may not even work. Depends on your ambient temp in run that she'll be in after. There is always the continual taking off nest and putting in run but that only works occasionally and takes multiple moving of bird and must be done very early in brood.

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