Broody Hen - Kooky Idea of sticking "near-ready-to-hatch" eggs under bum?(Btw, I've tried it "all" -

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    May 24, 2010
    Is this crazy? Don't want to lose a bird to our heat & dehydration! I have 2 Sultans and one has gone "attack and kill" broody. Already have them separated from my Golden Campine (long story) - I'd LOVE to get a few of those eggs fairly on their way along. I know - no chance:( The last try was to seperate the broody "Pip" from her sis to a wire-bottom cage. Besides acting nuts, she also still acts like she's sitting on an invisible egg (she also did this when I just kept taking the eggs out - her sissy is also still laying in the eglu nestbox. Thanks Sunny[​IMG]. The eglu presents its own problems for hanging food & H2O inside. She's not eating or, more importantly, drinking much. I should mention, it doesn't matter if there's an egg under her. She still is "you ain't taking my babies" mode.

    Anyway, I would like a couple more laying hens. My Campine lays decent - even at 3 yrs & the Sulties are just ridiculusly good at 3 also, dunno what the "experts" are talking about. Anyway, was thinking if she hatched a few youngin's, maybe she'd get off that nest (which I covered - didn't work).

    Would sticking some fertile eggs close to hatch be the fix? If I had known the ordeal I would have I would've just orded some Golden Campine eggs right away and let her foster them:( Regardless, it would hopefully fix 2 problems at once. Hubby has installed a "no more poultry in the house rule", so...)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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