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    We had a hen that has been setting on eggs for almost 3 weeks now. Well, mistake or not, we needed to move from where she was sitting. We put her in a dog house with a box in it. Filled the box with wood shavings and such placed her eggs and her in it late yesterday evening hoping she would stay there due to the dark and remain there afterwords. Well, we came home just a little bit ago and she is standing on top of the dog house - eggs are cold - maybe 45-50 degrees? They could have been uncovered for 8 or 9 hours (she was on them when we left this morning). Are they gone? Is there still a chance we could put them on a heating blanket of something and try to get them to hatch? She is making no effort to stay with them now and will probably break them if we force her into the box we made for her. Please advise ASAP! Thanks!
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    You can candle the eggs and see if you can see any movement. If she won't sit it is a good indication that by moving her your broke her broodiness.

    If you do see movement I can only suggest getting them in an incubator and hoping for the best.

    If she has been sitting for 3 weeks the chicks should be ready to hatch. If not, she may have abandoned them because she is done and knows the eggs are not viable.
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    How much of the egg should be solid looking? We know that the first eggs we let her keep we 20 days ago today, so they are very close to hatching if they will.

    A few of them I can see a pretty good size air sack at the top of the egg, must I can't see well enough to detect movement. We don't have an incubator - best we could do would be to rig something up - heating blanket around to eggs with a moist sponge or something?

    So, close and wasn't ready to have to do this with her, but I hate the idea of loosing the babies if they can be saved. My first thought was that they wouldn't have a chance being so cold.

    Well, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have read of hot water bottles, heat pads and electric blankets being used to hatch. It wouldn't hurt to try it. You can look and compare here -

    Temps should be 102 at the top of the eggs. Humidity at 70%.

    Let us know how it turns out.
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    if it day 20 or so all you would need is a brooder (a container of some sort that you can line with papers and then maybe a warm towel with a Brooder lite on top for the warmth.

    for my babies i use a Large Rubbermaid container lined and heated with a heat lamp.
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    Feb 18, 2008
    Relocating brooding hens rarely works, they chose a nest and want to stay there. At 20 days you should be able to clearly see movement inside, or hear pecking/peeping. I jut use a strong flashlight in a dark area. Heat lamp will work to hatch them out if they are still live, but you also need to turn them regularly and watch the temp and humidity.
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    Just a note - not meaning to contradict you amhar but for the last 3 days before hatch you don't turn the eggs, the chicks orient themselves so their pip is at the top of the egg, I think it's so there's less chance of them drowning but not sure..
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    How has it turned out???
    I hope some got lucky

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