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    Nov 28, 2015
    I had a hen go broody so I gave her some eggs on April 20th. Yesterday I found her nesting(brooding ) 3eggs in a different box. Her original nest was occupied by another hen laying her egg. I think the broody got the boot but I'm not sure how long she had been off the nest. He r original eggs felt like warm(like they may have been not brooded over night and the layers reheated them while laying that morning. I put the originals back under broody in her new nest as I think no one will boot her out of that nest(the others tend to not use that box). My question is how cold can 10 day eggs get and for how long before they are no good or wrecked from the cold. Should I just give her new eggs or wait and see? I've put 4 new eggs in withe the rest just in case but wondering your thoughts.
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    Move them hens, move them hens, move then hens----I preach---LOL. I set probably 150 broodies in the last 3 years----none never got on the wrong nest---Because there was only one nest in her private hatching pen. I know a lot of people do not move them---but it sure makes dealing with broodies easy.

    Now what happens is your broody got off the eggs to eat/drink, etc. When she came back---another hen was in her nest----so she seen eggs in another nest and took them----then the other hen got off the eggs after she layed-----your broody was then settled on the new eggs----happens all the time and will happen again.

    As far as How cold----there is no way you know how cold and for how long the eggs stayed un-heated. All you can do is put them back under her and candle in a few days and see if they are still alive. Best of luck!

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