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Broody hen & new eggs

Discussion in 'Hatch-A-Longs' started by Chickie Pia, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Chickie Pia

    Chickie Pia In the Brooder

    Hi All,
    I need some advice. Last night one of my hens went broody and was sitting on 2 eggs. I gathered the 4 other eggs laid yesterday (1 may had been older as it was my "dummy egg") and popped them under her. Can I add the eggs that are laid today by the other chickens too? They all will be mixtures of Orpington, New Hampshire and seabrights. Will a day make a big difference when they hatch? Or will it be okay? Also will mommy accept all the chicks when they hatch.

  2. Chickie Pia

    Chickie Pia In the Brooder

    It's the middle of winter here in South Africa. Silly hen. [​IMG]
  3. Chickie Pia

    Chickie Pia In the Brooder

    Hmm, she sat the whole night and was off the eggs almost the entire day. Now she is back on them again.
    Is there anyone who can enlighten me as to whether these eggs will hatch ok?
  4. Chickie Pia

    Chickie Pia In the Brooder

    Chatting to myself here isn't helping [​IMG]
  5. mmmeyer

    mmmeyer Chirping

    Mar 25, 2014
    south jersey
    I know she'll accept any breed of chick that hatches out. But as for adding..I'm not sure how long you can do that. Check out the learning center. Have a great day
  6. Chickie Pia

    Chickie Pia In the Brooder

    Thanks for replying. They all hatched. Some have feathered feet like my brahma's. So cute! Now that it is Spring and 31°c (87.8°F), quite a few of my hens are going broody. 9 hatched yesterday and the day before. Also half feathered feet and one pitch black one like my brahma's hen. [​IMG]
    Take care

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