Broody hen (no roosters)

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    We have had a few of our hens get broody in the past even though we do not have any roosters. They usually sit on some eggs (non-fertilized) and we just kick them out of the nesting box a couple of times a day and after a week or so they move on. However, I have a Buff that has been sitting in an empty nesting box for the past 3-4 weeks. We remove her from it at least twice a day, but it seems she is really cozy in that nesting box (again, she's not sitting on any eggs). I noticed tonight that she has gotten thin from not eating as much. She'll eat when we remove her from the nesting box, and otherwise looks healthy, but I am beginning to wonder if we should go ahead and separate her from the flock and put her in our brooder that has no nesting box. Or do we just let her be until she figures it out? Suggestions?


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    Putting a hen in a wire bottom cage, especially if you can hang it in the air, is a classic way to break a broody. The air circulation keeps her underside cool and helps prevent the broody hormones.

    Or, you can try blocking off the nest box she's using. Sometimes they'll go to another box, but if she's been in the same box without any eggs, she may just give up.

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