Broody hen (on eggs) with thin green diarrhea

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    I have a broody gal that just wouldn't give up, so I bought some fertile eggs for her to sit on.

    She's been broody since the 7th of July, eating and drinking when I would pull her off the nest.

    Now, all of 3 days after putting the eggs under her, when I was out in the coop just now, I saw her off the nest for the first time, with a trail of green diarrhea all over the fresh pine shavings.

    Research I saw said to offer yogurt and moistened crumble food. I am going to offer that as soon as I post this, along with some electrolyte solution in her water.

    1. Does this sound like a case of having been on the nest for a long time and not getting much to eat? Or something bigger?

    2. Should I be worried about the eggs? I had planned to do the day-3 candle tonight...

    Fortunately, she's completely isolated, so I'm hoping it won't affect the rest of my flock. (I had to isolate her because she was in the favorite nest box and that was causing issues with my other girls.) I immediately removed all the green poo from the area, along with all shavings in the vicinity. So I'm hoping it won't contaminate the area if it's something "catchy". Also, nothing got on the eggs themselves. She's been a very careful mama, and hasn't pooed in the nest at all. After she was done, she went back to her nest to sit.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

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    I have had broody hens who pooped about the most awful green smelley poops in the world, and were just fine. I would give her scrambled chopped egg, maybe some dry catfood, and some scratch every day in a little tuna can sat in front of her every day. I also put a little water in one next to broodies also. Sometimes they will come out of their daze to eat those special treats, sometimes not. The electrolytes and yogurt are good also, but I think she will be fine. When I go in to the coop first thing in the morning, I will take my broodies off the nest and put them out in the run to get food. If they run right back, I know they have already taken a break.
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    Green can mean they aren't getting enough to eat, and most broodies will lose some weight while setting on eggs. So I would guess she isn't eating enough. If she were mine, I'd pick her up off the nest 3 or 4 times a day and prod her til she ate and drank. I think a bit of yogurt and crumbled food is a good idea. I'd probably try to come up with some other nutritious bits of food to offer as well, to give her a boost. Feeds are usually vegetarian and of ourse chickens are omnivores, so I'm always a bit concerned about animal protein. I might give her a bit of scrambled egg, a bite of tuna or cooked hamburger, something of the sort.

    They can get some diarrhea in the summer just from drinking extra water because it's hot. Maybe a fan near her, something to cool her a bit somehow, would also be good.

    Sounds like you've done what you can about the eggs. Candling should tell the story. Good luck!
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    Well, I'm sure glad to hear it's normal!!
    I had been pulling her off the nest before giving her the eggs... But once she got the eggs, I was worried that if I disturbed her too much she'd give up.
    It took a little encouraging, but she gobbled up the crumbles, yogurt and electrolyte mash I made her. I'll just plan to make her a little "breakfast in bed" each morning in addition to the food and water she has by the nest box. Thanks for the protein suggesestions!
    It's both her's and my first batch of eggs... I appreciate the replies! :)

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