Broody Hen on Eggs


6 Years
Aug 15, 2014
We have a broody Americana on some eggs. The hen is inside with her eggs as we have a snake that we can't find where it gets in from. Two days ago and egg pipped and a hole appeared shortly after. Last night it looked like the egg was crushed but I was hoping it was fine. I lifted her wing to check on it and it was not moving or peeping after 12 hours of being that way. I took it out and found it had died. None of the other eggs have pipped (she has 4 more of hers under her). Should I be concerned?
Also the salmon favorelle laid eggs under the Americana at different times so we have about 6 different days that the eggs are on. Should I move the salmon favorelle's eggs to an incubator?

Thank you in advance
You should always be concerned. Definitely remove the Faverolle eggs. If the first eggs hatch, she'll abandon the others because "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."
If the other eggs she has don't hatch, you can slip the Faverolle chicks under her at night when they hatch in the incubator.
That’s what I thought. The rooster we have was out of the pullet container and when he matured we realized he was a rooster so we never really intended on chicks. I was away for school so when I got back she was sitting on them. If we can find the old incubator I will definitely put the other eggs in there. However I candled the eggs and there is definitely something developing. I could see an air sac and the rest was dark. Is it a possibility to put wooden eggs under her and put all the eggs in the incubator (if we find it) or should I just let her hatch them? I was hoping all would go well if I just let her do her thing but now that the first chick has died I’m a little unsure.
If any of the eggs are within a day or two of each other in maturity, you can leave them under her. If you don't plan on letting her hatch, you should either break her broodiness or give her chicks.
If the eggs are all dark, hatching is imminent.
I'd love to let her hatch them guess I just got a little overprotective. I'm going to look for the incubator as soon as I get home and move the favorelle eggs into it. I'm hoping hatching for the rest will go well.:fl

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