broody hen outside somewhere!!!

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6 Years
Hoppy,1 of my hens,has tried to go broody before,but this time she hasn't laid an egg in the nest box for about 11 days,and now she's gone!!She is free I was worried this would happen.I'm trying to get my Dad to finish that coop!I know she wasn't eaten,no feathers,no commotion,and the thought has been worrying me lately,and now she's setting somewhere I don't know about!!any advice/help welcome


11 Years
Apr 8, 2008
Try to find her, since she is very vulnerable to predators. If you want chicks, find her but don't touch her during the day. Then make a nice secluded place for her, and move her and her eggs in the dead of night using as little light as you possibly can. If you don't want chicks, find her and move her to a wire-bottomed cage with no bedding for a few days, or until she breaks her broodiness. You don't have to wait for nightfall for that.

If you can't find her, there is a very good chance that she'll come walking back to you with chicks in tow in about 22 days.
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