broody hen question


13 Years
Mar 5, 2010
I found my hen laying on 10 eggs in the tall grass when we were weed eating. so I moved the eggs and her to a nest box. should I also put grass in the nest box, the grass she was laying on? or just leave it with the pine shavings that were in it?
I don't use shavings in the nest box. I would put some grass in there.
I prefer hay in the nest box to shaving cuz I put shavings on the floor and I don't want the hens to confuse the two.
Of couse if she's fine with the shavings leave her there.
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I have an EE that is always stashing nests and then going broody and she doesn't mind the switch to shavings from rock, grass, leaves, etc. She's a super broody girl so I don't have to be too carefull when I move her, but if yours is a little more uncertain you can cover her new digs so it stays nice and dim for a day or two, they usually go back into their broody trance pretty quickly that way. It sounds like you've allready moved her, but for future ref. moving them at night also reduces the chances that they'll freak out and stop brooding. Good luck!

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