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    May 16, 2010
    i have a white leghorn bantam hen that has been a mother befor always been easy to handle when broody. she started setting a few days ago in the coop i wouldnt have bothered her if it was not for other hens laying eggs on top of her. so i took her out in to another coop not to far away so she can still hear the rest of the chickens. she has about 16 eggs under her. during the day she likes to walk around and eat all day but when night time comes around right to the eggs she goes. middle of the day the eggs feel cold to the touch like she has not touched them all day. after candling a few i see son red through the egg showing signs of life. my question is that if she is not on them all day and they get cold like this could there still be a chance of hatching i know i see the life in them but it could be from when she was in the coop

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    Apr 29, 2007
    I would leave them, she will probably set tight soon. Last year I had a hen hatch all but one egg, it got buried in shavings and honestly it slipped my mind, she was not covering it at all, it hatched a week later.

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