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    I hatched some eggs back in February under my first broody hen. She was a good broody, but a bad mama. When the chicks hatched, she pecked them and pushed them out of her nest as if she was protecting it from them. I don't think she ever realized that they were coming from the eggs she was trying to protect. [​IMG] I took the chicks in and raised them the way I had raised chicks when I bought them as day olds- without the help of a broody mama. So, here's my question- she has gone broody again. Do you think this time will be any different, or do you think that is just the way she is? She is young, I guess, about 11 months old- so do you think if she goes broody next year I should try again, or since she's broody again now, should I give it another go? I do want some more chicks, but I'm hoping to leave them with mama for a while and not have to set up a brooder again for now- so obviously if she hasn't changed, I'll have to change my plans. Just wanted some opinions or experience! Thanks!
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    I always give my hens a second chance, if they are bad mothers second time around. Then I make a Tasty Stew! [​IMG]

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