broody hen rooster and other hens won't let her down to eat or drink !


8 Years
May 4, 2011
Cleveland , Georgia
ok so my broody hen has been sitting on eggs for about a week now but soday when I went out she hopped down to get some water and eat and the rooster and 2 of the other hens pulled out alot of feathers and chased her back up to the nest she has always been the roosters favorite I don't understand what happened any advice should I move her and the nest to another pen ? what would make them do this to her ?
Your other birds are telling your broody she needs to get her fluffy butt back on her eggs. I seperate my broodies, but keep them in the coop with everyone else so I don't have to reintergrate. Everyone stays familiar with each other, and broody gets her own food and water and gets left alone. Good luck!

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