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    I have a bantam RIR hen, "Spicy", that I believe has become broody,(always in nestbox, gets all ruffled when I move her). Sometimes she has an egg under her and sometimes not. She has been broody for about a week or two now . It doesn't really bother me that she is broody, we don't have a rooster, so no babies. I just want to make sure she is getting enough food and scraps. (There is chicken food and water in the coop.) The girls have a 10' x 40' run and the 3 other hens are out and about in it all day, usually only going in the coop at night. When I do kick her out, to make sure she gets goodies that I throw out for them, she will peck around and eat, but goes back in the coop after about 5 to 10 minutes. My first question is, is it ok to boot her out of the coop a few hours a day, even though she is desparately trying to get back in? ( I tried it today, she got very panicky and aggitated when she could not get back in. ) Also, I noticed yesterday,and today, that when I kicked her out, she rubs the sides of her face on the ground. With my finches, the vet told me that this is a sexual/behavioral thing. Could this also be the same with the hen, since she is so broody right now. I am going to check her for mites, but none of my other hens show signs of them. Just for info, she is about a year old, has been laying for a couple of months( not sure if she is now, I have two bantams, but have only been getting one bantam egg for a while now. Up until a month ago, all 4 hens were laying- 4 different kinds of eggs!) she acts and looks healthy. Any suggestions??

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    It should be fine letting her out for a few minutes.

    At first when I saw this post I thought it could be mites. Also perhaps from sitting on the straw all day (depends on bedding) it could be dusty and she is trying to rub it off her face.
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    She could continue this for a long time if you let her set on the nest. I would continue to lock her out of the coop, or put her up in a wire bottom cage for a while.

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