broody hen sitting on 6 eggs since monday 2/22/10 / are they fertile?

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11 Years
Jul 3, 2008
shes been broody for 3 weeks so i decided to let her sit on eggs, shes in her own kennel. i have a rooster that has been with my flock since last august so what are my chances with eggs being fertile 50/50/ or better. the roo does his thing regually. hopeing for a march 15th or so hatch.
I'd say your chances are great! Are you planning on candling them? I have a broody on 14 eggs due March 10 and March 12! So exciting! I'm thrilled for you!
no i dont want to bother the broody hen. i will just wait it out and see. shes a golden laced wyandotte a year old in april.
I'm torn between candling right now...although I'd like to know, I'm pretty sure she'll give 'em the boot if they're no good. I'll probably leave her be...she only likes me because I give her scrambled egg every morning anyway.
Mine is an EE about a year and half old. Good luck!!
Be aware, that since you let her go so long without eggs, she may not make it the full 3 weeks.
She may give up on them half way through.
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