broody hen sitting on 6 eggs since monday 2/22/10 / are they fertile?


11 Years
Jul 3, 2008
shes been broody for 3 weeks so i decided to let her sit on eggs, shes in her own kennel. i have a rooster that has been with my flock since last august so what are my chances with eggs being fertile 50/50/ or better. the roo does his thing regually. hopeing for a march 15th or so hatch.
when you eat the other hen's eggs do you see a small white ring in the yolk? If so I bet hers are fertile. I've had a broody BO for 5 days now and it's taking all my strength to not go buy some french black copper maran eggs and put under her. She hatched and raised 4 chicks last spring and was such a great mother!

take a look at the pic's at the beginning of this thread.
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you should be good to go. you could have up to 100% fertility. Keep us posted on her
i took 6 eggs from mondays egg laying and stuck them under her . she stopped laying 3 weeks ago when she went broody. i have had sucess in the past with other rooster so hope this roo does too.

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