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Nov 29, 2020
Hello, this is my first time owning chickens and I have a hen who is currently sitting on 5 fertile eggs... The eggs are around 2 weeks old and I have candled them and I can definitely see chicks inside! My broody hen is in a coop with 1 other hen who is not broody, when the eggs begin to hatch do I need to seperate my broody hen and her eggs to a different area or do I leave her in her normal coop? Also, once the chicks have hatched do I need to change the hens’ food to the pullet grower too?
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You need to give the chicks chick crumb and the broody can eat that too. You will need to separate them because of feeding separate foo.
Enjoy, it will be exciting!
You should definitely separate them as the other hen will probably attack the chicks.

Could you put up some kind of wire netting/fencing to temporarily divide the coop, so that the two hens can still see each other but the other hen can't get to the chicks? If they can't all see each other at least, your second hen will get lonely and the existing pecking order of your hens will be disturbed by them being apart for a long time.

I would not move them until the eggs have all hatched but keep a close eye on the broody hen and nest once they start hatching.

The mother hen will eat the chick food, and the extra nutrients in it are actually good for her to regain the weight she lost whilst brooding.
Ok, I will halve the coop with some chicken wire. Thankyou! I will definitely do all of that!
Congratulations on your first broody hatch!
DO NOT separate or remove the broody from the flock, especially if the flock is just one other hen. The broody will protect the chicks and the other hen will, more than likely, not bother the chicks at all. She will be curious and mom may let her greet them.
How much space is in the coop (and hopefully attached run) that the broody and her non-broody room mate are in? Mom will need a lot of room.
How old is the other hen? Generally, broodies will not tolerate pullets near their chicks but other hens are frequently well tolerated. Broodies viscously drive off pullets and cockerels. So if the other hen is actually a pullet, mom will drive her off and she needs room to get away.

I would immediately put the flock on Flock Raiser or All Flock crumbles and put out a container or two of oyster shell for the active layers.
@DobieLover, you do know chicks have to eat chick crumb and the other hen needs grown feed, right? And the hen could well hurt the chicks.
Using chicken wire like @chuckachucka said is the best option.
All Flock is named that for a reason.
Every bird in my flock has eaten Flock Raiser from day one. It is a complete feed and good from hatch to death. What it lacks for an active layer is a higher calcium level required for shell formation, hence the need to supplement with a separate container of oyster shell.
I've had many broodies and not once did another hen attempt to hurt the chicks. The broody mother protects them. Each broody would allow the rooster to greet and bond with the chicks as well as any of the hens that she trusted.
Well @DobieLover, my hens tried to hurt the chicks of a broody- its just not worth the risk.

And high all flock is OK, layers is better for layers (I am NOT asking to be argued with please) in my opinion, and switching foods for the broody would be best.

I think it is @chuckachucka's advice that should be followed.

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